SharePoint Administration Services

When you administer the right SharePoint implementation, you are paving way to the success of your company's business. We have an administration team who can help you with all backend operations. Through proper administration governance and best corporate practices we offer information access, data security and permissions to resolve business challenges.

    The following are the routine services of SharePoint Admin:

    • Provides everyday support and administration of Microsoft SharePoint.
    • Offers support in all administration activities such as troubleshooting, resolving problems and creation of site.
    • Offers development support in creating forms and workflows.
    • Render total support to all the team members and business customers on SharePoint projects.
    • Helps in the creation of document libraries, site collections and site structures.
    • Provides total support of planning, designing and implementation of security systems.
    • Plan, design and implement data protection backup and recovery.
    • Give all the maintenance services as required.
    • Help in documentary  of any function.
    • Provides support to Microsoft SQL administration and troubleshooting.
    • Ensures total support to the application through capacity management and system tuning.

    If you are in need of SharePoint Administration Services, please contact us (713)589-6496