SharePoint Business Intelligence Solutions

At DESSS, we provide Business Intelligence solutions by bringing all the available data and turn them into meaningful information, so that it can used to render help in taking proper business decisions. We have a team of BI experts who can help you to understand how to use these technologies to build a better business platform.

    We offer the following BI services:

    • We help you manage the whole BI life cycle.
    • We help you determine the key performance indicators and use them to build effective dashboards.
    • Using Microsoft Excel services we help you publish workbooks.
    • Using Microsoft PowerPoint you can acquire data from multiple resources and do a data analysis using DAX(DATA Analysis Expression)
    • We help you analyze your business using score cards and dashboards

    The following are the benefits of SharePoint 2013 Insight Business Intelligence tool:

    • These tools help the user take better decisions.
    • The report analysis and user friendly interface helps the user to work easily with the data available.
    • The success of the company can be measured by using effective dashboards and score cards. Specific strategies can be formed, key metrics can be made and the business effectiveness can be shared tracked and observed.

The following are the benefits of BI Excel services:

  • Enables people to view information for a certain range of time.
  • Enables the user to create reports easily using Flash Fill functionality.

The following are the benefits of The Report Center:

  • The Report Center is the Central location that helps in storing reports and lists.
  • Helps you to connect well with Web parts and create pages and lists.

Having a vast experience and technical knowledge augurs well for the development of the company. But a proper BI and analytics help you steer ahead in your business endeavors. If you are in need of SharePoint Business Intelligence services, call us (713)589-6496