SharePoint Document Management

Document Management refers to management of the cycle of documents i.e. how documents are created, stored, reviewed, published, disposed or retained for future use. Every business enterprise has to manage many documents that really become painful in their day to day business. Along with this, providing security to the data is another major challenge. Sharepoint DMS is fully equipped to solve all the problems.

    Sharepoint DMS has some unique features that are not available in other DMS:

    • Fosters seamless working with Microsoft Application and documents.
    • Enables add-ons of many workflows like Approval automation, Feedback with Digital signatures for a relevant form.
    • Offers easy accessibility.
    • Enables quick alerts.
    • Fosters Digital archiving.
    • Helps in Disaster recovery.

    The benefits of Sharepoint DMS are:

    • Helps in storing, categorizing and organizing data.
    • Helps you to manage metadata for all the documents stored.
    • Foster seamless workflow of the enterprise.
    • Offers total security and protects the documents from illegal access.

We offer the following Sharepoint services:

  • We offer total support of accessing files and finding the right information that you need to convey to your employees.
  • Helps you search files and other internal and external websites.
  • Helps you with the automation of all manual processes.
  • Using web services, API's, emails we can integrate all the existing business systems.
  • Offers you the streamlining of the documents in such an effective way that it makes viewing the documents easy and effortless.
  • Helps you have a smooth workflow of the entire life cycle of documents starting from creation of bill, storing and retaining.
  • The users can publish relevant content at any time.
  • Helps the users use all the documents to share knowledge with others.

The processes that are involved in SharePoint DMS are:

  • Identification of the documents that has to be seamlessly managed.
  • Analyze the usage of the documents.
  • Plan how to organize the contents.
  • Organize and streamline contents precisely.
  • Plan the workflow of these contents.
  • Plan and introduce security system.

We have a team of experts who with their extensive knowledge of Sharepoint Document Management, can leverage the immense resourcefulness of Sharepoint DMS to your benefit and help you achieve your business goals effortlessly. If you are in need of an expert in Sharepoint DMS, be sure to contact us (713)589-6496