SharePoint Enterprise Content Management

The recent development in the world of technology has produced different kinds of documents like emails, worksheets, fills, presentations and other documents. This has resulted in the creation of millions of documents that need to be managed effectively for future use of the enterprise. This calls for immediate Enterprise Content Management that will effectively convert them into structured data, keep them in the repository, use them to improve employee productivity, enterprise efficiency and customer communication.

    The following are the features of ECM:

    • Helps you manage different contents: Sharepoint server 2007/2010/2013 posseses such immaculate document management capabilities that will take different contents from different locations and manage them centrally at a repository. These contents are then categorized and assimilated that allow people to find, share and use them for their benefit. With effective workflows the users can create, review, offer feedback and approval in a structured way.
    • Offers compliance with legal requirements: Once the documents are stored in the repository enterprises can apply for expiration polices depending upon the company polices and legal regulations. By this the fear of legal action is mitigated. Internal audits can be done to see if all these documents are maintained properly.
    • Helps in efficient management of multiple websites: Sharepoint server 2007/2010/2013 enables users to publish content without any technical knowledge and IT support. This offers infrastructure solution for intranet, extranet and internet sites.

    The following are the benefits of EDM:

    • Helps you easily find required information and save time.
    • Helps to protect sensitive information by introducing the required sights of the policies
    • Helps to streamline documents easily. These tools have built in workflows that can help you initiate, follow and keep track of any workflow or processes to streamline them in an effective way.

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