SharePoint Records Management Solutions

At DESSS we offer such excellent SharePoint record management solutions that reduce the cost of record management but increase the scalability and performance.


What is a Record?


A record is a physical or an electronic document or that is actually a proof of an activity of an organization. This secured document is retained for some time.

    Record management decides:

    • Which documents of the organization are considered as records.
    • How active documents should be handled.
    • How these documents should be collected and stored.
    • How long a document should be kept to mitigate legal, business or regulatory issues.
    • What technological solutions and active process will help an organization comply with record management obligations.
    • How to dispose expired records and protect the ones that are retained

    Please follow these steps before you implement records management system based on SharePoint server 2013.

    • Identify and understand record management role for your organization.
    • Analyze the content of the organization.
    • Develop a file plan and retention plan.
    • Plan integration with email.
    • Plan reporting and documentation.

    Benefits of SharePoint Record Management System:

    • Record keeping becomes very easy.
    • Enables the users to concentrate on their job not on record management.
    • Improves the performance, manageability and the scalability of the organization.

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